T is for Timothy!

T is for Timothy!

We really had a blast doing our first letter of the week. 🙂 I was so giddy and excited that I woke up 4:30am Monday morning to prepare our activities! Haha! I already outlined what we’ll be doing and all my ideas came to life in that ungodly hour. I can only attribute it to God, the giver of awesome ideas even in the most uncanny time. 🙂 I think it paid off because Timmy and I enjoyed our T Week!

I mentioned in my previous blog that we’re spelling his name first before doing the alphabet chronologically. Got that idea from Mommy Bares All and Timmy got excited with the idea, too! Since T is a pretty easy letter, we had lots of things that start with T. So I decided to make a sensory bin full of things and books that start with T. 🙂


Bible Character:

Of course, it had to be Timothy, my son’s namesake. 🙂 I made a 3D-ish card that has the meaning of Timothy along with our memory verse for the week. I also found two cool videos that fit our lesson. 🙂 One is about the story of Timothy and the other is a song for 1 Timothy 4:12! Praise God for people who create these videos! Timmy memorized the verse easily along with the basic outline of Timothy’s story, too!



For this week, I set aside books that start with T for our story time. 🙂 We have multiple reading sessions a day so it’s great to have a lot of resources. 🙂




We did an activity on sight words. I asked Timmy to get the corresponding toy that’s written on the paper. 🙂 It’s a simple word association game that’s fun and easy to do! I think it’s the searching for the toy or object that makes it exciting. 🙂



Timmy designed a big T and small t using a Tape. My little boy is not fond of writing and he’s not interested in tracing no matter how colorful the workbook is. He doesn’t like pencils. He prefers colored pens. 🙂 So I decided to combine his love for words and pens! I wrote words that start T but didn’t write the said letter. I told him that he won’t be able to read the word because it’s not complete. He needs to write the T’s so he can read the words. It worked! 🙂 I only did one set and since he was on a roll, we ended up finishing three papers practicing T under the guise of completing the words! That idea came out of nowhere but I knew it was God who reminded me about what Timmy loves and took advantage of it to get him to write!




I made 3D-ish cards again that contain the words LESS and MORE. I placed two sets of Trees, one with more quantity and the other with less, then asked Timmy to put the LESS and MORE where it should be. 🙂 When I first tried to teach this concept to Timmy, he didn’t seem to get it. But when he saw and touched the Trees, he immediately got the idea! We also did the TWO, THREE, TEN counting game. I asked him to place the corresponding number of toys under the TWO, THREE, TEN squares. It’s great because it helped Timmy to be patient especially in counting up to 10! He seems to be in a hurry when counting (always) but the GAME concept and the goal to win helped him to slow down and count properly. 🙂




I made a basic outline of a Turtle and asked Timmy to design it with Triangles! He really had fun with this one! He even suggested that we put shoes and hat on his turtle! 🙂 The googly eyes made the Turtle cuter, too! 🙂



We made a Telephone (a cellphone actually) and I explained to Timmy how it works and why people use it. 🙂 Up to now he still uses his phone and calls us everyday. He’s very proud that he has his own smartphone now! 🙂


Filipino and P.E.

I made a Filipino mat for Timmy with Tagalog words that start with T. They are mainly verbs so that’s what we used for our P.E. like “Takbo, Timmy!” then “Talon, Timmy!” then “Tago, Timmy!” It was fun! He even remembered the word “Tulog” and told me “Tulog na si Timmy!” Haha! Another part of our P.E. is his favorite T activity, TICKLE TIME! He got extra doses of Tickle Time last week because of our theme. 🙂


Pop Culture:

I asked my husband Omar to tell Timmy a superhero story. So my boys visited Asgard and learned about the story of THOR! 🙂 It’s very timely that Timmy has Thor’s hammer, too! I really love when my boys read together! 🙂


That wraps up our letter of the week! This week, we’re doing letter I. I admit, this letter is pretty challenging so we’ll see how our week turns out. Heehee! I’ll share with you again our activities next week! 🙂 Ciao!


True Love Disciplines

A couple of weeks ago we had to go through a week of intense discipline with our three-year-old toddler. Timmy is a very sweet and funny boy but that doesn’t exempt him from having tantrums and rebellious moments. One thing that kept recurring with him is his tendency to show his rebellion by stomping his feet, raising his voice, and hitting objects (like the table and the couch). IMG_20140908_181718 We knew we had to deal with it more drastically even if it meant having to spank him every day (and on certain days more than once a day). For some reason, it doesn’t stick to him that this behavior is wrong. He had been already been spanked before for doing these things but after which we went back to simply telling him to stop. 20141029_212807 My husband Omar became quick to discipline the moment he did any of those things. Timmy would cry his lungs out and even shout while crying. He would call my name and beg for my rescue. As painful as it was for me not to even come close, I had to do it. I had to let him sort things out with his dad and once they’re all good that’s only time I could come in. He also did the same thing to me when I spanked him and he was calling for his dad. Sorry son, dad’s not home so you have no choice but to deal with me. IMG_20141010_081437 After that intense week, we saw those antics lessen a lot. Even now, he’s very mindful of how he reacts to situations. I can see in him that he gauges his own response before actually doing or saying it. There was a time when he whispered, “I want to sit down on the floor.” Before, that was his way of expressing his rebellion and he says it loudly. When I asked him again in a stern voice, he looked at me and said, “I just only want to play.” He then continued to play and didn’t say that statement again. 20141025_092845 It’s true what they say that it’s easy to love your children but it’s so difficult to discipline them. When I see Timmy, I see a lovable child who gives butterfly kisses on my cheeks and always demands my attention in the cutest possible way. But I also see that he’s growing up and his human nature (that we all share) is kicking in fast. The desire to do things his way, the urge to push boundaries—the very things we adults struggle with are manifesting already. 20141025_101102 God made me realize that it’s the very reason we are given parents to correct us and direct us to the right direction. I grew up being disciplined, too. I developed a healthy fear and respect for my mom because of that. We want our son to have the same healthy fear with us, too. We want him to grow up listening to our guidance and counsel because we only want what’s best for him. I learned a lot of things during that week and I want to share them with you. We need to be consistent. As parents we need to be consistent on what is allowed and not allowed in our home. If raising voice is not allowed then we should not to do it to each other, too. When we discipline Timmy we tell him that he doesn’t see mommy and daddy do that to each other. It’s hard but we have to model it consistently in our household so that he gets the idea clearly.

Proverbs 13:24

Whoever spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him.

 We need to be forgiving. I have to admit that it’s hard to deal with a stubborn child. It’s hard to forgive if your child keeps testing you. I’ve learned to be more forgiving through Timmy. You see, after we spank him, said our sorry’s and I-forgive-you’s Timmy is back to his normal self. He would play with us. Show sweet gestures as if he wasn’t bawling a few minutes ago. He, too, was forgiving of mommy and daddy. Sometimes after I discipline him I still feel irritated but his natural response of wanting to be with me again taught me that this is what forgiveness is all about. You forget and move on.

Proverbs 22:15

Folly is bound up in the heart of a child, but the rod of discipline drives it far from him.

We need to be patient. Our children are not robots programmed to do anything we ask them to do. They have free will just like the rest of us. We need to patiently mentor them. Guide them, explain things to them, and pray for them. Even if it means having to teach the same things over and over again, we need to just press on and do it until they fully understand. I realized that I can’t give up and just let him go on showing these behaviors just because I’m tired of it.

Proverbs 29:15

The rod and reproof give wisdom, but a child left to himself brings shame to his mother.

We need to show tough love. Not everyone believes in disciplining or spanking their children. But tough love is the only way kids learn. Even us adults, we learn the most from our most painful experiences. You don’t learn by cruising through life. You learn from its ups and downs. Tough love makes our children realize that there are consequences to their actions. It makes them realize that their decision to disobey mommy and daddy is wrong. Tough love may hurt but it only hurts for a while. The lesson sticks for a long time.

Hebrews 12:11

For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it. I can’t say that it’s over and we’re all done disciplining Timmy. He really improved a lot after that week and we can only praise and thank God for that. We know that in the future he will have other behaviors that we have to deal with but we’re taking it one day at a time. God is the same with us. He always keeps an eye on us, disciplining us (even as adults) when we stray far from Him. Not because He’s a possessive God but because He’s a loving God. He knows when we’re headed for destruction and discipline prevents that from happening.

Deuteronomy 8:5

Know then in your heart that, as a man disciplines his son, the Lord your God disciplines you.

What a week it has been but it was full of lessons for all three of us. We show our love to our son through so many things like spending time with him, buying him the stuff that he wants, taking care of him, teaching him, and playing with him. But I guess disciplining him is the form of love that truly helps in molding his character. It’s the most difficult expression of love yet the most fruitful in the long run. 🙂


Alphabet Week!

This week I decided to kick off our Letter of the Week activity by doing an Alphabet Week. 🙂 I’ve been seeing my fellow homeschooling moms do this activity with their kids. I decided to research more about it and found the site letteroftheweek.com. It’s the ultimate resource for letter of the week ideas! One of the mommy blogger’s suggestions was to start off with an introduction by doing an alphabet review. 🙂 That’s just what we did!

Timmy loves letters and he’s a born reader if there’s such a thing. 🙂 I really thank God that He gave him that natural inclination to read. It made my job a whole lot easier when I was teaching him phonics and reading. 🙂 Since he’s crazy about letters (and numbers) we bought him different kinds of letters over the years. I decided to sort them and put them in containers and place them in a huge bin as my BIG SURPRISE when he woke up last Monday. 🙂

Sorting done! :)

Sorting done! 🙂

I also picked the books that we will read for the week. 🙂

Alphabet books! :)

Alphabet books! 🙂

We played the alphabet spin game from his book. :)

We played the alphabet spin game from his book. 🙂

My little boy busy reading :)

My little boy enjoying his alphabet books. 🙂

For Arts and Crafts I asked Timmy to make an alphabet artwork using my scrapbook stickers. 🙂 He arranged the letters in chronological order and doodled some random design. He enjoyed doing this one!




We also formed letters using pipe cleaners and clay! 🙂







We did our usual spelling practice, too. I also asked him to sort the upper case and lower case letters. 🙂









For math, we did some counting exercise using his letters. I asked him to put the corresponding number of letters in the boxes. 🙂 We also sorted the letters by color. 🙂





Timmy already knows that we’ll start with letter T tomorrow. 🙂 We’re both excited about it! We plan to spell his name first and probably his dad’s name then mine before we go chronological with our letter of the week. 🙂 I’m grateful to moms who generously share their ideas online. They inspire me to be creative and make learning more fun for my toddler. 🙂 I also praise and thank God, the giver of all wonderful ideas! Will share with you how our first letter of the week went in my next blog! 🙂